Holy sheet long time no see!

2012-11-16 18:22:44 by danm36

Well, the past ~4 years have certainly been interesting to say the least. Since my shitty music back in good old '09, I have really improved...as a programmer. Yes, programming is my call for talent really. If you want good music, go listen to some of Nathaniel's (Face's) music at FKProduction's Newgrounds Page! Oh, and that ASDFreeman thing? Made by me in a good hour and a half about a joke me and him had. Joke didn't translate well...

So, what programmy stuff have I got lined up? Well, I may make a Flash game in the near future...maybe. I do have a lot of other programming projects at the moment, like getting the FKProductions.net site fully functioning or developing my node-based programming language and live collaborative programming IDE.

I bet most of that last phrase made no sense to most of you.

Anyway, expect potentially more from me in the future... or not, I don't know.

About me 1

2009-01-22 12:10:24 by danm36

Just here to say, if anybody bothers reading this, that I can make tf2 bonk songs that you request and I can use Fruity Loops quite well. I just suck at actually writing music. Ironic.